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dear my lovely hunny~

Published February 21, 2011 by DaeyA HayaShi

i can’t believe time fly so fast. it has been 2 years since i start blogging for my own good.

honestly, i hate writing diary. i never had one. i felt it just weird wrote about my feeling in a paper without no one knows the contents.

but since someone influence me with her blogging. i started to think its a good therapy for loneliness. haha~ so obvious that i’m lonely ;p

but for me, blogging is just fun. i can talk about anything but still with some boundary. i hate to expose my life so much to public so i keep the distance and hope that my blog not so famous so that i can still keep my own self.

i’m not like other blogger who love to attract people to read their blog by copycat the way of how a famous blogger blogged. they’re just not true or in simple word, hypocrite. i found so many ‘whatsoever’ blogger yang gediks. seriously, yucks! show her ‘oh yes’ beauty face, pose like ‘ah yeah rite’ model, post entries of ‘oh rite’ high fashion interest. poyos. but that’s them. let them be. i’m not a blog walker or reader. so your blog not in my list of ‘must-to-do-everyday’ or even every sunday.

please don’t love or hate my blog. or even me *perasan* haha~ just let it be this way. coz this blog shows how i’m growing up to be an adult. step by step. entry by entry. coz when i read the past entries, i laughed non-stop. the words i used, the stories i told, just funny and childish. even now i’m not yet a matured woman and still a girl. but i can fell the different ;D

once again, TAJYOUBI OMEDATOUp my dear BLOGp.
*what’s with that lowercase ‘p’?! stand for Pi ka? ahaks*

-color pick base on my laptop color-


400th entry celebration \o/

Published January 11, 2011 by DaeyA HayaShi

WOW!! my blog has reached his 400th post yo ;D omedatou ghozaimasu~~!! soon enough will be his 2 years anniversary from his 1st debut entry ^^ arigatou~

hayai desyou, time flying so fast. so many things i went thru, faced of and cherished by. after all, my life is wonderful with His bless and people i love around me always. i don’t know if there is any sweet person following this boring blog, in fact  i’m not expecting any guest but if there is one, thank u so much for dropping by.

i just love blogging bout anything i love. owh except boyfriend coz i don’t have one ;p ahaks~well, maybe in future after i get married then i will story how lovely he is ne XD probably because i don’t always talk about myself easily in reality. and i don’t like to talk about bad things. i typed without thinking anyone will read. i just blogged to portray my life in words. that’s a therapy, i believe ;D

kore kara mo gambaremasu yo! <– pi’s common speech XD

大野智 の 誕生日

Published November 27, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi


*threw confetti around*

u are too old already!! lol~ 30th is an age for resettling your life, i guess.. but u don’t have any imagination of married so no help there XD u are officially an Ojisan (uncle/old man) now, Oh-chan >D< but u still my ojisama ^^

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
the only Arashi’s member that i adore.. reason? cuteness is not only on the face but thru the heart >,< hiks. he smart, he always succeed all the mission, stone (laugh), weird, air-headed but talented. and secretly, he is my fetish *shy*


*last birthday wish for this year.. WRAP!! with botchan~