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大野智 の 誕生日

Published November 27, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi


*threw confetti around*

u are too old already!! lol~ 30th is an age for resettling your life, i guess.. but u don’t have any imagination of married so no help there XD u are officially an Ojisan (uncle/old man) now, Oh-chan >D< but u still my ojisama ^^

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
the only Arashi’s member that i adore.. reason? cuteness is not only on the face but thru the heart >,< hiks. he smart, he always succeed all the mission, stone (laugh), weird, air-headed but talented. and secretly, he is my fetish *shy*


*last birthday wish for this year.. WRAP!! with botchan~



Published October 31, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

nandeyanen??? (osaka dialect) lol~ this is my 1st time post about somebody from Osaka yo!! it’s rare ne >< well, except my post bout ryo coz sometimes i mistook him is from Tokyo XDDD

straight to the point! this is about Kanjani∞ new album and movie, ∞UPPERS \o/ heee~ after i watched the movie, I’m so in love with it!!!!! especially the baby, eito ><~~~~~~~~ mecha mecha kawaii yo! seriously! hora, mitei!

kyaaaaa!!! kawaii XDDD OMG! i can’t resist this cuteness… while i’m watching the movie, my mouth can’t stop smiling, smirking and muttering ”kawaii! kawaii!! ahhhhhhh~~ cumelnyeeeeeeee ><!!” lol~~

opss! b4 i cont, i want to warn to anyone who hate spoiler please be aware coz this post will contain tons of spoiler and teaser -_- it’s ok to hate spoiler coz me just like that too =D spoiler is taihen desyou ;p make us irresistible XDD

rite, cont ^^ actually, me not a fan of kanjani∞ but sometimes i’ll watch their TV show just to see ryo obviously XDD and when enshinge subbed ∞UPPERS, i wonder what is that.. well, blame me coz i don’t update myself with K∞ stuff so obviously i don’t know anything.. it said ∞UPPERS is a movie from K∞.. so i’m curious! i thought ∞UPPERS is a song.. hahaha >< gomen ne, k∞’s fan!

before watch it, i guessed the story line must be funny and a bit stupid XDD coz it’s kanjani∞.. they are bunch of baka members except ryo and ohkura ;p haha~ i mean, a good funny baka.. coz they are from Osaka.. and i thought the movie will be full of colors and weirdly funky XDD but after watched it, it turned 360degree different from what i guessed! unexpected, it is a detective-like, mystery yet sweet movie.. not even think that a baby will be the subject story.. !!

let’s see some screencaps that i love XDD again, sorry for ryo-bias ;p

serious eitos! think what to do with eito-chan.

evil smirk is attacked!!!! *melted*

*speechless* LOVE! LOVE!

ryo being bullied by chibis XDD lol~

ryo is changing eito's diapers >< ryo-papa~

lol!!! memory with eito before they send him to his mama back T__T ohkura, mama mitai!! cute XD ryo is ryo ne~ yoko, fake smile ;p yasu like bunny ^^ hina&maru, baka! subaru, erm. haha~ eito don't cry~~ cutey cutey!

douu?? haha~ interesting isn’t it? i recommend this to anyone and everyone coz it’s fun and good movie to watch ^^, a must watch minna!! i’ll not give synopsis or any hint bout the plot, so have to watch it yourself =D

actually i just know that ∞UPPERS is new album from K∞, so i search for the tracklist and download them… some of track already win my interest ^^ such as, Negai , LIFE~me no mae no mukou e~, Animal Magic.. yappari, coz i love ryo’s voice ne =D

now i waved and tempted with tote bag for K∞’s tour concert!!! it’s a ∞UPPERS yo!!!! OMG >< dou suru, minna??? huuuu~ okane nai yo.. my last penny was used to pay for Arashi’s tote bag and NEWS’s new single… but i really want ∞UPPERS bag!!

pic credit to dozchan LJ

i like the pic of the bag coz its reflect of this scene from ∞UPPERS movie.

cute rite ^^ it cost rm55.. owwwhhh dear~ what shud i do ><

maa, ii ka.. maybe i need to rest from buying JE’s stuff ne~ Johnny-san really know how to make fangirl go bankrupt ><


Published September 3, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

yabai yo kore~! he wins to be my fetish yo =.= before this, even i love NEWS or any other group.. its hard for me to fall in love with them.. heeee~ but this man is different >< his aura just attracts me without doing any… only with his existence, i can smile widely 🙂 baka da yo! lol~

he’s not cho kakkoi (too cool/handsome), he’s not talkative… erm or passive ka? lol~ he just normal.. or super ordinary >D< he always look like boring or…. sleepy? *laugh* is he an airhead? baka? lol!

but! his natural normal I love most! becoz he just being himself 120% all the time.. my heart shaking by his art! my lip smiling by his laugh.. and he can make me laugh out loud just by his comments =D love fishing, arts, dark skin? he doesn’t even care he will look worst/kakkoiless… sikashi~ he has skill! his acting SUPERB! his can dance coolly… and he is the best voice in Arashi! how come U not love him? he is Arashi’s riida da yo~ everyone’s sweetheart ^^, but my heart throb XDD


kyuuuuu >< cho manly da yo~ he doesn’t need to be handsome for being loved by woman..! i love how he able to be himself in everything he does… dem i  love this man for real =O

secret is: I used to hate him so much >< haha~ seriously! 1st time I watched Arashi’s PV, I thought “who is this boring, not handsome, weird, like an old man guy???!! how come he can be in Arashi? doesn’t him not so cool??!” he so annoyed me before yo >< lol~ now, I’m regret I hate him *laugh*

why I love him?

he is a real artist!
he held an ART EXHIBITION in 2008

I love the title of his exhibition, FREESTYLE.. just like him =D

he has the best voice and the best dancer in Arashi!!!!!

his acting skill superb yo! *grinned*

MAOU spotted drama no.1 of the year 2008

Uta no Oniisan just so fun with his funny face *laugh*

Kaibutsu-kun I love most!!!! seriously, he acted as kaibutsu-kun so real! and so funny ><

he can acted as cool mystery man, funny guy, cute lil monster.. all of them are big success yo~~

and! and! he loves fishing … hahaha~

everytime I watch Arashi’s TV show, I only watch him >D< he never lost in Mannequin 5, never being voted to fall in ice water as DAME Arashi.. he is champion *laugh* even he looks like boring and sleepy >< and keep shut his mouth all the time… haha~

riida SAIKO~!!!!!!!


Published August 20, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi


uwarghhhhhhH~~~!! money please fall from the sky!!!!! now I’m tempted with Arashi no concert goodies while I’m saving for NEWS’s T__________T argghhh~ my heart is weak against official stuff.. taskettekurete *shouted*

the preview for Arashi’s concert goodies already out from some fan who had bought them *envied* and I was seduced by some of the goods.. in my current poor financial status *cried* why can’t I just ignore them…?

I want Arashi’s tote bag! it costs RM55 if I buy from my friends who will go to their concert at Tokyo Dome..

photo powered by: http://blog.naver.com/jaytonlee/90094242207

but!!! why Ohno Satoshi always grab my attention huh!! his Uchiwa (both, Jumbo and Mini) plus clear file also tempting me!!!!!

so cute deshou…?! *giggled*

ahhhh~ yappari, I can’t afford all those Oh-chan goodies.. maybe next time ne, oh-chan.. gomen na ><

phone strap also cute 😀

they resemble Arashi latest album rite, Boku no Miteiru Fuukei

haishhh~ once U enter the fandom, U really need to work hard on getting good financial status ne~ *laugh*

maa~ I think from Arashi’s, I just go with the bag for this time… coz I want to buy so much from NEWS concert \o/ yay!

for more detail according the Arashi’s concert goodies, go here @ arashi_on LJ

now I wonder how LIVE goodies will look like ^o^

I guess they will play with colors! *love*

*somehow the font color match the goods XD

[random] New in Playlist

Published August 6, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

lately, my mp3 playlist increasing it’s songs number frequently. 2Gb seems to be so small T_T many songs have to be replaced of.. these are new songs that I’m into rite now.

Kubota Toshinobu – Live Rain (OST Tsuki no Koibito)

Yamashita Tomohisa – World is Yours

Yamashita Tomohisa – One in a Million

Yamashita Tomohisa – Flavor Favor for You

Afgan – Padamu ku Bersujud

Lah – Adinda

Tomok – Arjuna

Faizal Tahir – Adrenalin

Shahir – Kebahagiaan dalam Perpisahan

Arashi – To be Free

Arashi – Gift

Arashi – Kagero

Arashi – Refrain

Arashi – Shizuka na Yoru ni

Arashi – Mukae ni Iku Yo

KATTUN – No More Pain

– – – – – –

Arjuna is good! I like the tempo.. I think, I prefer to listen to song from artist that I like ne~ Arashi and Yamapi dominating my new Fav coz they just released album and single recently.. after this NEWS will release album, must empty much more space for their song ne~ I assume all of the songs are great XD

ahh~ what a random talk.. just fill my time waiting for my mp3 full of charge before going to gym.. I can’t live without it! so now, have to go. Jya matta!


Published July 26, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

I was just watched Tokyo Friend Park II with guest Tohoshinki. ah, that’s last year show. *coz now they already move solo or split in to K and J* I’m not a K-fan so it’s weird thing if I like Tohoshinki, 東方神起 .. but I start follow this group after listened to their Japanese song, どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろ.. such a lovely voice ^^, and lovely melody.. then I asked my friend their MVs and Songs.. overall, I like their Japanese songs.. 時ヲ止メテ (Toki wo Tomete) is the best, Doushite~, Beautiful You, Lovin’ You, ONE, then just 1 Korean Song, Mirotic coz I love the dance. Just now, I downloaded their Single, Stand By Me (J ver.) and start to love it ^^,

I don’t know much bout this group actually.. just random info from magazine and net.. but no denial, they are so hot ne~ Ikemen dakara ^^

there’s no blemish bout their figures and faces.. *I wonder why* but the point I like them is their VOICE.. superb ^^

now 3 of them active in Japan which make me like them even more.. coz this 3 are the best voices among them ^o^ JaeJong, Micky and Junsu go with their solo activity in Japan.. I’ve watched JaeJong in last Spring drama, Sunao ni Narenakute.. hee~ ok but he need to polish his acting skill more na~ some point he a lil bit stiff but just watch his beauty face, it seems fading away XD *killed* coz many good Japanese actors not depend on their face 100% *do U think Sato Takeru ikemen if he’s not acting? he become kakkoi coz he is a good actor rite*

Junsu also release his Single, which is not bad coz he got a superb body and good dance skill for that song. Micky films a drama with Oomasa Aya.. He also has a good voice ne~

just now when watching them on TFPII, I always wondering.. why their voices while talking so nice like they are singing (?) hahahaha >,< seriously! so soft, and differ with Johnny’s boys XD hahaha~ *nino, U shud watch on ur pitch when talking ne~*:DDDD lol~

stop with my nonsense, need to back to my routine.

*the reason I like Japanese song better coz I love Japanese language*

[PV] new Fav.

Published July 22, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

1. One in a Million – Yamashita Tomohisa

at 1st, I’m not excited at all with Yamapi new single.. a bit frustrated coz I hope something new from NEWS.. then yesterday the full ver. OiaM PV came out.. suddenly I excited to hear his new song.. maybe bcoz I’m happy enuf with NEWS come back with Dome Concert ^^, I need to support Yamashita Tomohisa also!

uwargh!!! unexpectedly I love this song!! even the PV is completely western style, but the song is good.. not to mention his nasal voice, I like the originality of Yamashita Tomohisa ^^ they had tuning a lil bit his voice here and there but it completely ok coz at the corus he sang with his voice 100% am I focus on the details too much >,< after Loveless PV failed to nail my interest..

I love the part, “Kimi ga One in a Million, DEAETA TOKI NI, baby it’s my destiny” the tempo is good XD his expression also good.. well, who don’t know yamapi’s stone face XD we always hope he can express his feeling or what he’s thinking on his face.. the way he interested in the women is strong ^^ here some expression that I like

all expression when he stared at the girl.. kakkoi na ^^;

I can’t wait for his masterpiece song, World is yours.

from Yamapi’s diary:
Even though there may be times when you are troubled and you’re suffering
Just believe in yourself during such moments
Keep moving forward
There won’t be any problems that you can’t solve

It is a song about
Positive thinking

♥ his thought.

2. To Be Free – Arashi

1st time I heard it, I thought it just a normal song from Arashi.. coz my taste of music is more to beating style.. but after watch the PV several time, I naturally like it ^^ now, everyday I listen to this song XD

OMG! sorry, riida bias >,< I love this man for real!

3. Moshimo kono sekai kara OO ga nakunattara – テゴマス

U know why I love Japan song? bcoz of the lyrics.. there are many good lyrics in Jsongs.. not all but most of them, yeah. this song is beautiful as it is.. the lyric especially..

the title means ‘If the word __ were to disappear from the world’ so, how the world will become? what we shud do? who we will be? it’s just meaningful ^^ with Tegoshi and Massu harmonic voice, it just so lovely to listen to.. the PV also good.

4. No More Pain – KATTUN

this is the 2nd PV without Akanishi Jin.. Btw, Jin is officially left KATTUN. he want to focus on his solo in LA or whatsoever.. KATTUN is totally fine without him, seriously. I’m not always listen to this song but I’ve heard it.. KATTUNish style that their fans love.. after frustrated with Going! they nailed the fans back with NMP.. good luck with your tour~ 5 is enuf.

*really hard to find the videos on Utube. Japan association really protect their country’s product ne~