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大野智 の 誕生日

Published November 27, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi


*threw confetti around*

u are too old already!! lol~ 30th is an age for resettling your life, i guess.. but u don’t have any imagination of married so no help there XD u are officially an Ojisan (uncle/old man) now, Oh-chan >D< but u still my ojisama ^^

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
the only Arashi’s member that i adore.. reason? cuteness is not only on the face but thru the heart >,< hiks. he smart, he always succeed all the mission, stone (laugh), weird, air-headed but talented. and secretly, he is my fetish *shy*


*last birthday wish for this year.. WRAP!! with botchan~



Published October 31, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

nandeyanen??? (osaka dialect) lol~ this is my 1st time post about somebody from Osaka yo!! it’s rare ne >< well, except my post bout ryo coz sometimes i mistook him is from Tokyo XDDD

straight to the point! this is about Kanjani∞ new album and movie, ∞UPPERS \o/ heee~ after i watched the movie, I’m so in love with it!!!!! especially the baby, eito ><~~~~~~~~ mecha mecha kawaii yo! seriously! hora, mitei!

kyaaaaa!!! kawaii XDDD OMG! i can’t resist this cuteness… while i’m watching the movie, my mouth can’t stop smiling, smirking and muttering ”kawaii! kawaii!! ahhhhhhh~~ cumelnyeeeeeeee ><!!” lol~~

opss! b4 i cont, i want to warn to anyone who hate spoiler please be aware coz this post will contain tons of spoiler and teaser -_- it’s ok to hate spoiler coz me just like that too =D spoiler is taihen desyou ;p make us irresistible XDD

rite, cont ^^ actually, me not a fan of kanjani∞ but sometimes i’ll watch their TV show just to see ryo obviously XDD and when enshinge subbed ∞UPPERS, i wonder what is that.. well, blame me coz i don’t update myself with K∞ stuff so obviously i don’t know anything.. it said ∞UPPERS is a movie from K∞.. so i’m curious! i thought ∞UPPERS is a song.. hahaha >< gomen ne, k∞’s fan!

before watch it, i guessed the story line must be funny and a bit stupid XDD coz it’s kanjani∞.. they are bunch of baka members except ryo and ohkura ;p haha~ i mean, a good funny baka.. coz they are from Osaka.. and i thought the movie will be full of colors and weirdly funky XDD but after watched it, it turned 360degree different from what i guessed! unexpected, it is a detective-like, mystery yet sweet movie.. not even think that a baby will be the subject story.. !!

let’s see some screencaps that i love XDD again, sorry for ryo-bias ;p

serious eitos! think what to do with eito-chan.

evil smirk is attacked!!!! *melted*

*speechless* LOVE! LOVE!

ryo being bullied by chibis XDD lol~

ryo is changing eito's diapers >< ryo-papa~

lol!!! memory with eito before they send him to his mama back T__T ohkura, mama mitai!! cute XD ryo is ryo ne~ yoko, fake smile ;p yasu like bunny ^^ hina&maru, baka! subaru, erm. haha~ eito don't cry~~ cutey cutey!

douu?? haha~ interesting isn’t it? i recommend this to anyone and everyone coz it’s fun and good movie to watch ^^, a must watch minna!! i’ll not give synopsis or any hint bout the plot, so have to watch it yourself =D

actually i just know that ∞UPPERS is new album from K∞, so i search for the tracklist and download them… some of track already win my interest ^^ such as, Negai , LIFE~me no mae no mukou e~, Animal Magic.. yappari, coz i love ryo’s voice ne =D

now i waved and tempted with tote bag for K∞’s tour concert!!! it’s a ∞UPPERS yo!!!! OMG >< dou suru, minna??? huuuu~ okane nai yo.. my last penny was used to pay for Arashi’s tote bag and NEWS’s new single… but i really want ∞UPPERS bag!!

pic credit to dozchan LJ

i like the pic of the bag coz its reflect of this scene from ∞UPPERS movie.

cute rite ^^ it cost rm55.. owwwhhh dear~ what shud i do ><

maa, ii ka.. maybe i need to rest from buying JE’s stuff ne~ Johnny-san really know how to make fangirl go bankrupt ><


Published September 3, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

yabai yo kore~! he wins to be my fetish yo =.= before this, even i love NEWS or any other group.. its hard for me to fall in love with them.. heeee~ but this man is different >< his aura just attracts me without doing any… only with his existence, i can smile widely 🙂 baka da yo! lol~

he’s not cho kakkoi (too cool/handsome), he’s not talkative… erm or passive ka? lol~ he just normal.. or super ordinary >D< he always look like boring or…. sleepy? *laugh* is he an airhead? baka? lol!

but! his natural normal I love most! becoz he just being himself 120% all the time.. my heart shaking by his art! my lip smiling by his laugh.. and he can make me laugh out loud just by his comments =D love fishing, arts, dark skin? he doesn’t even care he will look worst/kakkoiless… sikashi~ he has skill! his acting SUPERB! his can dance coolly… and he is the best voice in Arashi! how come U not love him? he is Arashi’s riida da yo~ everyone’s sweetheart ^^, but my heart throb XDD


kyuuuuu >< cho manly da yo~ he doesn’t need to be handsome for being loved by woman..! i love how he able to be himself in everything he does… dem i  love this man for real =O

secret is: I used to hate him so much >< haha~ seriously! 1st time I watched Arashi’s PV, I thought “who is this boring, not handsome, weird, like an old man guy???!! how come he can be in Arashi? doesn’t him not so cool??!” he so annoyed me before yo >< lol~ now, I’m regret I hate him *laugh*

why I love him?

he is a real artist!
he held an ART EXHIBITION in 2008

I love the title of his exhibition, FREESTYLE.. just like him =D

he has the best voice and the best dancer in Arashi!!!!!

his acting skill superb yo! *grinned*

MAOU spotted drama no.1 of the year 2008

Uta no Oniisan just so fun with his funny face *laugh*

Kaibutsu-kun I love most!!!! seriously, he acted as kaibutsu-kun so real! and so funny ><

he can acted as cool mystery man, funny guy, cute lil monster.. all of them are big success yo~~

and! and! he loves fishing … hahaha~

everytime I watch Arashi’s TV show, I only watch him >D< he never lost in Mannequin 5, never being voted to fall in ice water as DAME Arashi.. he is champion *laugh* even he looks like boring and sleepy >< and keep shut his mouth all the time… haha~

riida SAIKO~!!!!!!!

[comment] World is Yours

Published July 29, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

hooray!! finally someone kindly translate Yamapi’s song for us ne~ ^^ thank U so much [info]mayonaka_otaku for your hard work ^^ gokurosama deshita. I’ve been waiting for ages since I listened to the song.. coz I really love the melody that Yamapi has composed.. seriously, just using guitar as main instrument, it’s simple and lovely.. and he sang with his original voice that we love.. so I want to know what he wrote for the lyric..

sometimes, song and lyric can show someone’s character rite.. I like Yamapi’s thought, he is a +ve man who always work hard thru his life for everything he loves..

I copy the lyric from mayonaka_otaku, but please credit her if U take it ne ^^


Start to imagine about not losing to tomorrow

What you are right now

Each and every road, everyone walks down them

Chasing their dreams

You’re right in the middle of the world

So, take a step forward and go


The transparent road is taking on colour

Mysteriously and brilliantly

You hold a pen in your hand

Well, start writing about a tomorrow that no one else can

I can fly, there is no impossible

Fly in the vast sky, and you can see the future

Trust yourself and believe in your own strength

Fly in the vast sky, because you have wings

wow, the world is yours

The sun and moon determined long ago

About the end of your life

You think nothing is futile, same with me

The life from my mother


You fall over 7 times, and get back up 10 times

Don’t give up and go

The transparent road is taking on colour

Mysteriously and shining

You hold colours in your hand

Well, start painting about a future that no one else can

I can fly, you have no regrets

Ride the big waves, no matter how large they are

I can fly, not every day has clears skys

In rain and wind, get through it

repeat c/o

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I like! as expected from him.. he said this is a song from a friend to a friend.. that means, from him to us ne~ thank U so much Pi! it’s really positive and motivated! I love phrase, ‘You fall over 7 times, and get back up 10 times, Don’t give up and go’ it just so meaningful ♥ U always be my inspiration when I work hard.. even I have some other inspiration according to the field..

Today is his Birthday…

Published July 4, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi


anyway, I want to wish


to someone dear for me

someone so cute and love eating!

but love exercise

he become one of my motivation to believe that anyone can be health and slim as long as they do the exercise

*kyaaaaa~* do recognize this man?

or this

he is


stay health and cute! with NEWS and TEGOMASSU!

this is my present for U!


U must fall in love if I give this for real XD *lol~*

funnyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha >< scaredy cat massu!

NEWS without U is suck! so plz stay k.

and Happy Birthday also to a man with name Akanishi Jin

sorry coz I really hate U and I really do.

erotic man is not my type.


Published June 17, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

remember??? Buzzer Beat, last summer drama.. XD that the only drama I watched while they still on aired in Japan.

dem! naoki and riko super match to each other >,< I love riko character which a lil bit boyish but cute and naoki who always hold his emotion (like the real one) *ahaks*

and now is something BIG!

REALITY, Naoki and Riko is really on date!

actually since last year (after BB ended) this rumor spread around Japan but the proves not really strong like these days..

source: [info]japan_now

Here are some of the tweets, “I’m in Omotesando right now. I can see Kitagawa Keiko and Yamapi on an incognito date,” “I’m in front of a company doing a family sale at the moment. For some reason Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko are here as well…,” “Yesterday Kitagawa Keiko and Yamapi went shopping at the sale of company U,” “An acquaintance of my mother said that she saw Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko together at the EDWIN sale” and “I saw Yamapi and Kitagawa! Kitagawa Keiko is really pretty!”

All those people witnessed the couple in Omotesando on June 13. It seems like they went shopping together at a family sale. Some person also wrote about her encounter with Yamapi and Kitagawa at her blog. At first she didn’t recognize them, only noticed the style of the girl. The guy was wearing a hat to hide his face. Suddenly her friend told her that he looks like Yamapi and after a second glance she also saw the face of the girl and realized that it’s indeed Kitagawa and Yamapi. They followed them and tried to take a picture, but Yamapi noticed them and moved a bit away from Kitagawa. Then Kitagawa moved across a street, followed by Yamapi with a short delay after he checked whether they are still being followed.

uwargh real!! once, I watched Keiko on HnA VIP ROOM with Arashi.. I thought she is a girly cute style woman but contrasting she is manly woman! haha >,< I really love the way she’s thinking.. not very like a girl.. a bit boyish and really suits to Yamapi..

Keiko Kitagawa as YAMAPI’s gf, APPROVED!

so hope they will get married.

Invitation: Bon Odori 2010

Published June 9, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

last 2 days, I got an invitation for attending Bon Odori 2010 Festival

Saturday, July 17, 2010
6:00pm – 11:00pm
Shah Alam

I wanna go~!!!!!!!! mukyaa >,<  huk3~ I really wanna go there with my friends T_T but seems I can’t… money is the factor and I don’t have any.. pathetic! aargh~

fine, maybe next time ne~ we can go together.. *lambo: mesti bersabar~~~~~”

SPRING season is come to the end, and SUMMER will be back.. New dramas will be up, hopefully not disappoint us ne~

These are some title which got pretty high ‘conform watch’ vote:

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni KagayakuMatsumoto Jun, Takeuchi Yuko

Joker Yurusarezaru Sousakan – Sakai Masato, Nishikido Ryo, Anne, Ryo

Hotaru no Hikari Season 2 – Ayase Haruka, Naohito Fujiki, Kimura Tae, Mukai Osamu, Usuda Asami, Itaya Yuka

Unubore Keiji DekaNagase Tomoya, Ikuta Toma, Nakashima Mika, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi, Kaname Jun, Yahagi Ken

I must say, Johnny’s influence. XD can’t wait to see MatsuJun(MoMo) acting back!