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LIVE3x PARTY saiko da!

Published January 6, 2011 by DaeyA HayaShi

FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!! i able to watch it!! *jumping* after its been released for about.. 2weeks ka? or 3? owh dear, i dunno how to respond when all of the fandom already watched it and talked about it on the LJ and fb. darn, i hate spoiler but their comment also interesting to read. i thought i want to wait for somebody sub all the disks, poor me i dont understand japanese D; i really miss newshfan damn much >< suddenly my friend got a super good info from somebody in the fandom that someone already sub all the disks. plus! Johnny’s countdown (how we really depend on newshfan all this time) my mood totally change yo!! choooooooooooooo ureeeeeeshiiiiiiiii!!!!! i already had the raw for long, just wait for the subs and finally there are, YATTA!!!!! thx to her again ;D

i can’t wait for the DVD anymore. it took so long to arrive to me D; which i already impatient ;p

So i decide to make a short but sweet review of


OMG, I dunno where to start XD ok, the opening kinda of simple yet cute with them inside the balloon and then puff. but!!! i looked at Massu with no word. WHAT THE HECK WITH THE SPEC???!!!!!!! MASSU! lol~ his face was so funny >< 1st time they performed Koi no ABO at concert, colorful. they started with energetic song to pump up the fans. I LOVE THE NEON!!!!!!!!!! it so sylish, kirei, cute and shinning. the stage, prop and LED super duper enormous!<– must watch! they spend a lot of money upon the stage and prop which are very good.

the most i remember, they performed with 6. mean they stick together a lot especially at the beginning of the concert. they smile, laugh a lot and less fan service (which i like). they just enjoy themselves, and we called it ‘syok sendiri’ ;p hahaha~ their relationship grown as they grow up. Sakura Girl is one of the song left big impression to me becoz as Ryo-chan said it is the song which they change the costume and the color of Dome, super strong pink.  Massu’s ending it with a dove on his palm is super cute and unexpected ;D Tegoshi being touch by all the members, kinda of… sweet ka? lol~ and Endless Summer, so sweet. ryo-chan rejected massu’s warm hug, kei-chan pet tegoshi and kissu (?) yamapi ran from shige’s hug but hug him back. member ai ❤

their costumes made by Massu, cute and hilarious. lol~ i love the strong pink one!! Dancin’ in the Secret was SAIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they just hot by themselves, which they not push to be hot as another group. i like the fact that they still being themselves XD Tegomassu with the elephant toys is one of the performance that i was waiting for ;D Massu play with his elephant and make some weird funny face ;p ahaks. Tegomassu’s MC has improved!!! they talked with each other (u know what i mean ;p) then 夜は星をながめておくれsong always success to touch my heart.

the opponent of Tegomassu, we have……………………………….. KOYASHIGE!!!!!!!! lol~ orrasu! orrasu! orasu! (nandeyanen?) ittaidake just freaking weird and funny. i laughed a lot! i dunno what they do actually, what they sing and what’s with the dance? lol~ but it just entertaining. with ittaidake segment, i like the sound of ‘iiiittaidake~’ haha XD suddenly the screen showed the another 4 at backstage,we straight away go kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! dmn! they look soooooo H*t! especially Massu, he’s in black. and Pi, no word, its him ;D Disk 1 was ended with hype of LIVE song! i love LIVE!!!

disk 2 start with ryo-chan. how many time he play CODE, its not boring us. everytime he change the chord and arrangement. this time, he did acoustic style then ended with rock. I LOIKE!!!!!!!! after that, ryo-chan introduced a song whose a famous composer made for them, Naiyou no nai Tegami. a beautiful song with beautiful lyric. no letter contain. sending letter without content, means by heart. kirei deshou ;D suddenly the screen showed their vtr from years before, kei-chan announced their 7th year anniversary and then they sang Happy Birthday with a superBIG SMILE on every member faces. satisfied!

yamapi’s solo just SUPER STYLO!! the neon and green laser everywhere, his techno jacket with pink neon, the dance and the song. 100% perfect. after that, the most waiting show begin. the gondola going up higher and higher. they sing with energy. SAIKOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  i love their brilliant ideas! owh dear, i forgot bout them ;p just only the songs and performances. encore is where they became hilarious and stupid ;p hahaha~ member ai everywhere yo!!! pi snatched a fan’s funky spec and wear it, shige forgot the lyric or distracted with his camera ;p ryo-chan play with the fans. massu butt bump ;p tegoshi craziness and kei-chan generousness ;D the HYPER was yamapi ;p unusual but real ;D

backstage was the best like always. this time, they stick together a lot. even they busy with individual works, but when together they are close like friends. like us. just normal relationship. no extra fan service. i don’t know how to review the backstage even i love it so much >< becoz every moment was lovely ;D i like when ryo-chan was dying want to appear on ittaidake segment, and decided to play janken with pi to get chosen by winning it ;p he rejected tegomassu from the beginning by saying, “u don’t want to appear rite?” lol~ they played excitedly which was funny XD tegoshi’s frustration was cute, ryo-chan lying on the floor after lose then left pi and massu. hahaha~ must watch their face XD massu has grown! he able to associate with other member like friends. i love their relationship!!!! and they just being themselves always.

wow! i talked a lot in my busy days. i don’t mind if its NEWS ;p

new update: MY DVD HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when i came back from work, i checked my post box but frustrated because there’s nothing in it. after entered my house, i spotted something familiar! it’s PLAYASIA BOX!!!!!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~!!! my 1st dvd! i can watch a HQ video with stereo sound on bravia!!


Alhamdulillah still not enuf (⌒▽⌒)

Published November 18, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur. syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.
syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur. syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur. syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.syukur.

even how many time i say it, i still feel its not enuf.. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah, He approved my Du’a, He blessed me with tons of delight.. amin ^^; *sujud syukur*

i called JPN Johor, asked about which school i will work at..
she said, SMK Mahmud Iskandar, Muar..
then i blurred D; ehhhhhh???!!! mane?? Muar??!!!
is it a dream? or a prank?
then i wondered, where is that?? xpenah dgr pn…
STMI keeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????!!!!!
aku punye r kenal sek ni, ley aku blur, xtau sek ape ToT

Ya Allah, seriously xtau nk rse ape..
happy? of course i am..
i never thought i’ll back to my hometown! i mean, my real hometown! my kampung, my home sweet home..!
I grateful enuf when i got in to Johor, but Muar???!!!

its so surprise… for minutes i don’t know what shud i feel o_O
i called Farah 1st, told her school and bout mine..
we are so far from each other.!!
but never mind, i’ll meet her at anywhere.
then, I told mama, she so grateful.. she so happy..
all of sudden, i feel so EXCITED!!!
i called nenek, atok, and told abah…
everyone blessed, they are so so so so HAPPY…
or, super duper HAPPY? yup ;D

now, i’m so GRATEFUL to ALLAH..
honestly, i du’a everyday, i want to be near to any of my family member..
so that i can serve them with my own money..
i don’t mind if they are not my parents, even my atok or my siblings, i don’t mind…
but this is totally HUGE delight for me..
being able to stay at home, with my parents..
as wani said, ni la pengorbanan ko sebelum ko kawin kak… nti da kawin, ikut suami…
that’s rite.. but if can, i want to stay here forever ;D

i don’t need to pack anything, i guess >D<
mama said she will send and pick me to school for next week..
and for the rest, my neighbors are teachers at that school too, so if and only if i don’t got my license yet, i can take a lift with them ^^

Allah eased my journey again, Alhamdulillah.

and i can save some money ;D
no need to rent any house, no need to buy a car yet..
and i can top up for the kitchen stuff..
change the internet service and pay for it..



another happy NEWS, Yamapi will held his Asia Tour Concert next year and i will go to Thailand for it ;D hope jimusho will not cancel it.. its on 23rd and 24th, i want to go for just 1day, 23rd and go back on 24th…
this is just a rough plan.. will keep update it soon ^^
matta ne.

DOME PARTY ゚+。(*´∇`)。+゚

Published November 15, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

after approx 1year, finally it comes!!
NEWS LIVE!3x Dome Party Concert 2010 DVD will be released on 22nd 12 2010!!
yatta yo~!

hayai deshou, i thought it will release next year.. so i’ll be able to save my money for it.. it too soon, after LIVE album then concert goods followed by Fighting Man single and now the DVD concert.. my pocket already empty yo (oд0;)

but!!!! i’m so happy (●´ V `●)/
finally we can watch them on DVD, documentary, fun concert and stuff~
maa, ii ka.
i’ll buy the DVD after i got my salary ;D
soon! really soon ^^

but the LIMITED EDITION already sold out at CDJapan..
its good! that’s mean everyone wait for this (´ V `)
Limited is really a present from news, compared to Regular, this LE is so special! got extra DVD for 65min documentary and special booklet 48pages..
owh…. if and only if…. i got enuf money T___T its rm250, takai D;

don’t mind, don’t mind!
the content of DVDs already make me excited!

DISC 1 (APPROX 79 min)
Overture / Koi no ABO / weeeek / Sakura Girl / SUMMER TIME / Akaku moyuru Taiyou / Hoshi wo mezashite / Dancin’ in the secret / MC / Boku no Cinderella / Yoru wa hoshi wo Nagamete Okure / Iitai Dake / Endless Summer / Sayaendou / Taiyou no namida / Aki no Sora / Umareshi kimi e / BE FUNKY! / LIVE
DISC 2 (APRROX 71 min)
CODE / Naiyou no Nai Tegami / Happy Birthday / NEWS Nippon / Cherish / One in a million / Forever / SNOW EXPRESS / Wonderland / TEPPEN / Kibou Yell~ / SHARE

– D.T.F
– 2人/ 1300000の奇跡
– Koi no ABO
– Fighting Man
DISC 3 (APPROX 65 min) LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! – Documentary Films
2010/09/18-20 at Kyocera Dome
2010/09/25 – 28 at Tokyo Dome

more than less 3hour of duration!!!

let’s wait for our dear subber team subbed them ;D
yorupiku ne~

Don’t think, feel! Bring it on!

Published November 11, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

kyou kara we are, FIGHTING MAN!!!

yeah! yeah! yeah!

my CD already arrived yo!!

ahhhhh~!!! where is massu????!!! i just realize his pic inai >< gomen!
dun wori, he still cute as always but a bit kakkoi this time ;D

i just listen to all the track.. Fighting Man is saiko!! i love it so much ><
but Winter Moon and Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice easily nail my heart, like! like! ^^,
weird title, haha~ Love is a simple curry rice? lol~ but the music and beat so catchy ;D
Gamushara Cha Cha Cha and Wake Up still in pending list, either i will like or not ><


lil’ brat’s besday.

Published November 11, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

tesshi!!! kyou wa, kimi no tanjoubi da yo ;D omedetou ghozaimasu ne ^^ 23sai deshou, atashi mo! gomen ne, calling u lil’ brat ;p it can’t help me to agree with >< hiks! but always cure with ur cute-innocent face na~

sometimes, i want u to stop doing weird stuff like cross-dressing and hideous drawing ;p but always end up laugh to tears >< no man will look as kawaii as u when cross-dressing *clap* lol~but, actually i prefer u not doing it further XDD u cute as a man lar! hontouni.

but don’t ever stop bullying kei-chan and Pi, i believe how much u spoiled with them, they can cooperate with u ;D yasashi darou, futari wa ^^ but please don’t make shige angry, coz he will counter-attack u at the right time XDD be kind with massu, i believe he actually want to join u walking ;p and……. what’s with ryo.. just let he be what he want ne >,< hiks.


the best about u is, voice.
and i love it ^^
these are the song u sang that i like.


Published November 4, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

✰.。.:* *.:。.4 2 dearest person in my life .。.:* *.:。✰

*clap-clap!!* heeeee~ ok, rite now i keep thinking how to create this post to be a special one >< and i decide, i do both simultaneously ;D

Nishikido Ryo, 03.11.10.. Farah Nadia, 04.11.10..
neighbor birthday ne~
so i write this on Ryo’s Birthday and post it on Farah’s Birthday…
hiks! brilliant isn’t it XDD

Dear both of U!
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaichuki da yo!
shitteru ne?
hontouni, looooooooooooooooove u 2 sooooo much XDD
as the way u are.. as u always be..
the clumsy-loud-energetic farah, the evil-sweet-sharp tongue ryo-chan XD
both of u cannot be a lover, u shud know that farah!
or maybe, he suit me better ;o
but i’ll support your feeling forever ><
yakusoku da yo ;D hiks!

so, on your very special day of the year..
even a thousand people have already wish with lovely speech..
even somebody have celebrated with a sweet cake..
i still want to send this ♥ and fly some words..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank u for always be there with me..
thank u for the nite we spend the time with..
thank u for the bright and laugh we share together with..
we far away from each other!
that’s a fact that we shud accept XDD

u not really that handsome or cool.. sometimes u look so boring and stone..
u are too honest to be true.. u spill ur words without thinking 1st too..
ur answers always short as u ;p
ur fake smile is worst but cute ;D
ur talent so bright and ur star so shine..
great at singing, superb when acting..
i love ur eyes when deliver the script..
sharp yet express the feeling of scene..
from a kind & strong lover in 1 litre of tears,
to a Domestic Violence who torture his girlfriend in Last Friend,
to a lovely naughty brother in Ryusei no Kizuna,
to a kind teacher with evil hand in Orthros no inu,
to a samurai from edo era who love making pudding in Chonmage Purin,
to a weird naughty forensic who has his own mistery in Joker..
u nailed the us with those character..
making u the greater actor in nihon recently..
secretly, i love u XD
but i have to keep this feeling away coz don’t want to hurt farah especially..
she loves u, dakara yorushiku onegaishimasu ;D
she’s better than lina fuji u know XDDDD lol~

no words to express..
unexpected we be a best friend ;D
unfortunately, we start a bit late..
suddenly, we have this very same interest..
and we become closer and closer..
and suddenly, the story we share become wider..
not only about fandom..
but also bout life and problem..
we always wonder how we get into this relationship ever..
going out together, shopping and release tension..
sleep in the same room even not stay under one roof..
not once worried bout being apart when graduating..
talking on phone every night with different story line..
from just know outside to understand each others’ inside..
u are secretly better and sweeter..
are we have a same character or behavior?
what i can say, we are completely different.
but we can tolerate and give also take..
without notice, we have no secret to hide and seek for..
u love ryo ne~
i know that deeply and so much XDD
but if and only if…
can we share him?
maa, ii kedo..
u can have him, instead i just admire his personality ;D

once again!!
tajyoubi Omedatou!!
26sai ryo-chan, 23sai farah-chan.
ryo, gambare as NEWS and… NEWS XDD Kanjani8!
no need to be mature outside yo!
enuf just being yourself and be a better person who only u know inside..
let people judge as the way they want..
but us, u and i.. keep the faith and always do the best..

ahh~ gomen ne.. the picture not so nice.. *tu pn terhegeh2 computer ni nk respon* XD

and this is for u, farah.. coz i can’t give u ryo as a person.. i just can give ryo’s voice as a present ;D and also, ur kame.. coz this song has lovely meaning ^^

i love this song so much!!! *my ringtone da yo* hiks!

Fighting NEWS!!!!

Published October 27, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

iiiiiiiiiiii…..yay!!!!!! *echo* fufufufuuuuu~~ I’ve been waiting for thissss!!!! and i know u too desyou XDDD gomen coz lack of updating NEWS stuff lately /_n_\ purposely, i was waiting until Fighting Man PV comes out then i want to cheer with all of u! so mina, yay! yay! *high-5*

have all of u watched the PV??? as expected, i love it XDD its NEWS desyou, as long as they stay together and stick with their status quo, i’ll love them! they don’t have to change for anything..

but the important is, I LOVE the song!!!!!!! Fighting Man! such a high spirit song! yabai, i don’t know how to explain, my inner energy just blown out when listen to this song XDD hahaha~!! well, after Weeeeek, this is the song that can make my heart JUMP right away and unconsciously excited >D< hiks. i wonder, if they sing this at concert, it would be super excited and fun ne~ and unexpectedly, i memorized this song so fast XDD especially the bridge part of tegoshi and ryo ^^

the lyrics as expected good! that’s why i love NEWS =) lyric with vital force and spirit of life.. give us courage to face hardest journey and be positive ^^ from the title we already can understand the content.. Fighting Man, means we need to be Audacious rite (i just learn this word from the lyric ;p means strong -Audacious is MY WAY).. i copied the translated lyrics from spilledmilk25 LJ, thx to her hardwork.


Nothing is easy to do, everything is meaningless
A traced life is NO GOOD
How many times do I have to face horrible situations?
Somehow I can’t find an answer to this
Surrender to your real feelings, don’t have regrets
You have to go on facing only ahead
Go with the best speed, take your passions without fall and be reckless!

DON’T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Are you ok how you’re now?
DON’T BE WET! GET A GRIP! Being only an expectant NO NO
DON’T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Isn’t it good to be excited?
DON’T BE WET! GET A GRIP! But you have to take the first step
Be a superlative FIGHTING MAN!

Breaking the common sense and realizing its walls
Aren’t you suffering every night, crying?
Shouldn’t I take the challenge? As I’m now, with this way of thinking
If I don’t react nothing will happen, I can’t lose to myself
I’m not weak NO WAY Audacious is MY WAY
This is just perfect for our times, right?
Draw a stable tomorrow for a remarkable future, be nonsense!

DON’T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Are you ok how you’re now?
DON’T BE WET! GET A GRIP! Being only an expectant NO NO
DON’T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Isn’t it good to be excited?
DON’T BE WET! GET A GRIP! But you have to take the first step
Be a superlative FIGHTING MAN!

You don’t have to live for anybody else
Don’t make comparisons, don’t get lost and go ahead!

DON’T LOOK BACK, DON’T LOOK BACK! Because time won’t stop!
DON’T GIVE UP, DON’T GIVE UP! Get prepared!
DON’T LOOK BACK, DON’T LOOK BACK! Slash the darkness!
DON’T GIVE UP, DON’T GIVE UP! If you don’t give all yourself is OVER

DON’T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Are you ok how you’re now?
DON’T BE WET! GET A GRIP! Being only an expectant NO NO
DON’T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Isn’t it good to be excited?
DON’T BE WET! GET A GRIP! But you have to take the first step
Be a superlative FIGHTING MAN!
From today on WE ARE FIGHTING MEN!

its good rite? we can feel the fighting spirit.. i love zopp-san’s work.. he done a lot of news songs and all of them are great.. i can’t wait for my Single arrived >< after consulted with masit and myself, i decided to buy it XDD coz the cover cho kakkoi yo! hora, mitei-mitei~



and i’d a problem with the edition too >< uwarghhh!! i really waved by the Regular Edition (RE) one coz it has extra 2 songs, Winter Moon and Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice.. in other hand, Limited Edition only has 1 extra song and Fighting Man (karaoke ver).. i don’t really use the karaoke ver.. but it’s Limited >,< final decision, i take LE after all~ fufufuuu~ owh yeah, the cover is cool isn’t it? XDD finally NEWS kakkoiness is used! they wear their own color…and JUMP! lol~ i hate to think about WPD cover.. its suck!

lately, NEWS is working as a group frequently.. i like ❤ they will be on MS again, SCP, Hey!3x.. and i wish they will be on Utaban soon XDD am i miss Nakai that much? lol! their performance on Music Station on 15.10.10 so cute and funky.. Pi looked so happy and very energetic.. and…. why did he hugged ryo? hahahaha~

NEWS is Attacking yo! be prepared! my opinion, Fighting Man can be as Hits as Weeeeek! or even more =)

sore dake, jaa ne ^^