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orang xpenah buat silap, terlampau HEBAT sgt!

Published July 25, 2011 by DaeyA HayaShi

Dr. John A. Schindler, stated, “Regardless of the omissions and commisions of the PAST a person has to start in the present to acquire some maturity so that the future may be better that the PAST. the present and the future depend on learning new habits and new ways of looking at old problems. There simply isn’t any future in digging continually into the PAST.”

“You must remember to take the clear road on the MISTAKES of the PAST. Everyone, including Einstein and Bill Gates, has made MISTAKES. but they were willing to take RISKS. these MISTAKES are necessary in the learning experience, and this is proven theory. Just remeber that MISTAKES are ALL RIGHT as long as the ERASER does not wear out before the LEAD in the pencil.” said Ken Bossone (President World Positive Thinker Club)

Sudut Islamic, kite bukan Nabi sentiasa betul. Kite manusia biasa yang sentiasa buat kesilapan supaya terus mengharap keampunan dari Allah. dan Allah xjadikan 1 pun manusia tu PERFECT. dan walaupun Rasullah Kekasih Allah, Baginda sendiri sentiasa mengharapkan petunjuk dan keampunan Allah SWT.

kenapa aku sebok nk kupas pasal MISTAKE, PAST, SILAP, SALAH?

sbb pengalaman jadi pendidik selama 7bulan byk ajar aku realiti manusia ‘PANGKAT BESAR’ ‘KUASA’ ‘ANUGERAH’.

aku, seorang manusia yang suka belajar dr kesilapan yang aku lakukan. aku akan buat sendiri, silap aku ubah.. experiment, fail, change, improve. selama 24 tahun aku hidup, tolak 4 tahun waktu aku xmemahami dunia, 20 tahun aku belajar melalui kesilapan..

dalam exam besar cm UPSR, PMR, SPM, xpernah lak spnjg tahun belajar aku jd BEST STUDENT, tp aku score the best position for myself.. UPSR 4A, PMR 8A, SPM 9A. aku xpenah mng ape2 anugerah pn selama drjh 1-5, form 1, 2, 4. even aku fail byk paper. aku langgar byk peraturan, kne marah, tidur dlm kelas, kne tegur.

tp, setiap kesalahan aku lakukan, kesilapan aku buat, aku belajar untuk jadi lebih baik. aku belajar improve diri aku. aku belajar the best way y aku selesa. aku ttp jd diri sendiri. aku dgr cerita org berjaya. aku jdkan diorg sbgai inspirasi dalam diam.. dan aku akn pstikan aku jd spt mereka dgn cara aku sndiri..

dan aku sentiasa berdepan dgn dugaan, aku jatuh, Allah sedarkn y aku leka, aku bngun dan terus mengharap Allah untuk kuat..

tp ape aku hadapi skrg, aku buat silap, aku ditegur, aku berubah.. setiap kesilapan aku buat, aku baiki.. tp ape aku dpt???? umpatan. diorg kata aku kt belakang “ape la die ni, xkan la tu pn xtau…” “xkan la xreti kowt….” dan paling lawak, bende y sepatutnye setel dalam bilik je, rupenye dah smpai kantin… y paling best, aku xsalah pn die kte salah. aku jalan cmne pn diorg sebok ngata..

seyus. situasi tu sume melawakkan.. sedih tp lawak.. sedih sbb diorg pnye pemikiran sgt weak.. pemikiran yang diorg kata depan aku, “contohi lah saya, saya menang APC 4x, saya buat kerja dgn cemerlang” tp hakikatnye aku rse diorg biasa je.. aku mmg da terinspired da bile aku dgr nasihat diorg, tp kecewa ble tau leadership y diorg banggakan xspt aku jgka.. aku xkuat, aku baru nk blaja. aku budak lg.. tp aku bkn kanak2 y xtau nilai.. korg xyala tipu aku cm aku students. lawak.

aku nk blaja.. tolong la bg aku ruang… aku xnk APC, aku just nk jd cikgu biasa je… tp aku nk blaja cmne nk jd cikgu y lebih baik…

even tok mgajar opsyen aku pn, time praktikal pn aku stuck bile pensyarah observe, xkn la logik ek aku xpenah ajar BI, dan pnh fail paper bi pn, nk ajar cm die y dah menang APC 4x spt y dibanggakn.. ye, aku nk contohi die, smgt nk improve diri. tp bile aku tau je die duk cite kt cikgu2 lain, aku ni cmni cm2, pergh mmg terbaeeeek la APeCite die tu.

boss pn sme je, aku xsalah die crik salah, aku salah skit die besrkan, die cite kt kantin, kt pejabat.. bile aku bg bukti, die koyak, pastu kecoh ckp, “saya nk cari siapa ajar die cm2”. cuak da tu.

suke nk ugut aku, xsah jawatan lg la, xkompem la.. gune kuasa vito.. ishk, aku dah la org KUNING.

ape aku nk buat skrg, aku nk baiki diri aku even diorg perli ke mengata ke, aku nk buat terbaek tok herbalife n cikgu.. diorg nk cari salah aku, carik la… aku akan terus kuat!

Dr. Paele said, “the more problems you have, the more alive you are.” so when funds are low and debts are high and you want to smile but you have to sigh, when care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must…
Put your plan together first, Napoleon Hill said, “Effort only fully releases it reward after a person refuses defeat.”


[random] New in Playlist

Published August 6, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

lately, my mp3 playlist increasing it’s songs number frequently. 2Gb seems to be so small T_T many songs have to be replaced of.. these are new songs that I’m into rite now.

Kubota Toshinobu – Live Rain (OST Tsuki no Koibito)

Yamashita Tomohisa – World is Yours

Yamashita Tomohisa – One in a Million

Yamashita Tomohisa – Flavor Favor for You

Afgan – Padamu ku Bersujud

Lah – Adinda

Tomok – Arjuna

Faizal Tahir – Adrenalin

Shahir – Kebahagiaan dalam Perpisahan

Arashi – To be Free

Arashi – Gift

Arashi – Kagero

Arashi – Refrain

Arashi – Shizuka na Yoru ni

Arashi – Mukae ni Iku Yo

KATTUN – No More Pain

– – – – – –

Arjuna is good! I like the tempo.. I think, I prefer to listen to song from artist that I like ne~ Arashi and Yamapi dominating my new Fav coz they just released album and single recently.. after this NEWS will release album, must empty much more space for their song ne~ I assume all of the songs are great XD

ahh~ what a random talk.. just fill my time waiting for my mp3 full of charge before going to gym.. I can’t live without it! so now, have to go. Jya matta!

HP fever is back!

Published July 2, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

I’m too excited for this! finally, the official trailer come out!


Outrageous! I know for this last series, the plot will be too serious and full of tears.. they face a lot of challenges and difficulties in the way to get rid of Voldermort.. all the happiness seem fading away~ they world become totally dark.. I love to watch how they create this movie plot.. as HP’s fans know, the books and the movies have lots of different.. we take it as a creativity, that’s how they work isn’t it?

but the stuff that make me more excited is this,

new Harry Potter theme park opens in Florida

they have work on this project since the past 6 years and now, it’s opened!!!!!

I know, some people think this is pointless to be excited at.. hahaha >< let them be, but for HP’s fans this is something big isn’t it? all that we read become a real!

there are really have Hogsmeade village where the Hogswarts Express train stop at!!!

Zonko’s joke shop selling Sneakoscopes and extendable ears; next door is Honeydukes sweet emporium for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans! *outstanding!*

you won’t find a single can of COCA COLA and Burger! there is only food authentic to Harry’s world, such as Cornish Pasties and Scotch Eggs.!! *remember how Harry can’t handle the taste of them XD*

the best part is, a thrilling CGI ride through scenes from a Harry Potter movie.! we can flying over the FORBIDDEN FOREST, playing QUIDDITCH with Harry and Ron! and coming face-to-face with hollow-eyed DEMENTORS.! great isn’t it?!! XD

every details of the theme park is construct by the author herself, J.K ROWLING.. coz only she know bout how the HP world really is.

dem! I really want to go there!!!! I’ve check the ticket fee, it is $79 per day for an adult convert to MYR, it is almost RM300!! I want to go there!! I’m not a fan of Disney, so Disney Land is not in my list at all XD

I’ll work hard for this real dream! my sis has planned to go there also, so we will try our best! besides, Japan of coz!

for someone I’ll love.

Published June 28, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

when the destiny come for me to fall in love. when the destiny has fixed that he is the one for me to love. when the fate bring him to me and be together. when I’m 100% sure, he is the only one that I approve of. on the wedding day, I really want to give him this song. this song is special to someone like him, only him. song that so meaningful, so sweet and so lovely. I want him to hear the melody, to understand the lyrics. coz that is my feeling words for him even it in other laguange.

coz it is a lil bit embarrassing to say LOVE directly thou XD



there we times we wanted to say something, but couldn’t

And times when we couldn’t be honest

We overcomes those tearful seasons

And now we’re shining so bright..

The images of happiness we’re painted are overlapping,

to become one great LOVE


Even a hundred years from now, I’ll swear my LOVE

You’re my everything.

Believing in you, just believing in YOU

The one I’ll share the same times with.

No matter what you are, no matter what I am

Every part of it is precious to me

As long as I have YOU, I don’t need anything else

I know we’ll be happy

To friends who laughed and cried

And supported us, no matter what happened

The one thing I can say to you now,

From the bottom of my heart, is “THANK YOU”

Even a hundred years from now, I’ll swear my LOVE

You’re my everything


Let’s make a promise in the tomorrow we’ll share

You’re the ONE and ONLY PERSON I chose

In this whole world

As long as I have YOU, any future I have

Will always be shinning.


I really want to show the video of this song to him on my wedding day >,< maa, even I don’t who he is now.. it is for sure, when I decide to marry him, he become so special to me. he is the chosen one rite XD lol~

*compare to the music video, I love their performance on Music Station wearing wedding suite and the dance, all so SWEET!


Published June 21, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

beberapa ari sblum ni, zakwan tunjuk 1 buku kt aku.. “kak, buatkan kite cmni.”

comelnyeeee…. “sape punye ni? ehhh, aku ke? ehhhhh~~~~”

hahaha *perasan*

terimbas kembali betapa aku bersungguh buat folio KH ni time form 3,

aku sggup warna setiap muka surat cmni, byg jela >,< pastu lukis sndiri, org len senang je beli kt kedai mcm2 jenis kertas comel2.. kenangan tol! ada pulak sorg mamat suh aku buatkan tok die gk, nth ape special nth aku pn tolg je (^,^#)\ heeeee~

tibe2 smlm abah bg 1 cadangan bernas kt aku, “ape kate cuti2 ni, wat la lukisan ke, painting. try gune waterkaler dulu.. isi2 masa lapang.”

wargh, smpai xley tido aku berfikir tuh~! idea mencurah2 *killed* kol 3 pg, aku wt keje giler Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

*selebet* atas katil aku wt keje.. nk try test waterkaler ni XD sbnrnye, selama ni aku mmg gagal bile gune waterkaler.. lukis ok gk, bile part kaler huh gagal! (anyway, credit to my hunny yati coz this waterkaler is yours =P you left it behind then I took it with me >D<)

hasilnya, huduh! hahaha >,<

walau begitu! semangat xpudar.. arini 2jam 1/2 aku cuba menghasilkan masterpiece milikku (@゚▽゚@)v

mula melukis! idea: nk simple, ada nama aku, abstract. siap 10minit.

mula mewarna! ngeeee~

basement siap!!

love daeya hmpr siap!

my 1st masterpiece!! senget >,< gmbr gune hp je ( ̄~ ̄)ξ

actually xde la sesuatu y ‘wow!’ tp aku rse puas ati | (—_—) | sbb aku bjaya gune waterkaler XDD heee~ just nk main dgn kaler.. yela, kalo sblum ni keje mconteng nota la, blakang buku la, kaler buku kanak2, aku rse berbaloi bile wt cmni ^o^

huuu~ hope ley wt lg byk work sbb dlm otak ni byk giler idea lukisan #_#  kbykkannye y cute2 dan simple.. I already found my style.


You.Know.Who vs. The.Chosen.One

Published June 8, 2010 by DaeyA HayaShi

If U are HP maniac, by read the title, U.Know.What I wanna talk about.

I MISS THIS ‘BLOODY HELL’ good NOVEL~! I wish I could hear Ron Winsley said that XD If anyone can lean me the whole chapter now, I will love U till I die, no doubt! hahaha~ rite now, I re-watched the DVD of HPaTH-B-P just to endure my longing toward this EXTRAORDINARY story T_T pathetic isn’t I? wishing I could buy them by myself.


(don’t need any photo coz U.K.W he is)

what a GENIUS brat, J. K. Rowling is. I always have this thought, she used every single space on her wall room to plot HP 1-7.. as result, the sequels, the flows, the sequences are super duper outrageous!! How she put this character and link with another, plus make them real and complex with essence of funny, suspend, tragic, +/- feeling, are splendid! *completely extol*

The name of spells and jinxes are so creative, even all set and stuffs are special from a high creative thinker.no doubt.

So I vigorously search for upcoming last sequel of HP, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. and big NEWS!!!!! OMG, OMG >,< this is great! they will split the last one into 2 part!! that’s make it more details rite.. coz last one is the best part and climax of the whole sequel.. the last one will break the true and tell what lies and who the liar.. I can’t wait to watch them~! *bricked* need some prove? here

Part I HP 7 will be aired on 19 November 2010 and Part II on 15 July 2011 ^o^”

In the whole world, I will search only for 2 movie’s trailers. 1. Harry Potter and 2. Transformers.. the other movies I don’t really care XD coz this 2 movies are so expensive and having high expectation and attention from people around the world, so they will never reveal the trailer or any rumors about the movie on TV, Radio or magazine till the date is near to the airing date.. even search on internet, we will never get enuf information and good trailer.. Just info about when it will be released and a poor quality trailer..

so who will win the battle?

THE CHOSEN ONE who has love as his power


YOU KNOW WHO who has cruel as his power

is the power of love will defeat the power of cruel.. without we notice, this story is really happen in our reality life… in the world, in our mind..


*I need felix felicis*

My Top 2009

Published December 30, 2009 by DaeyA HayaShi

Just for fun, I want to rank The Best of 2009 in Movie, Music, Song, JDrama, Johnny’s, Jactor and Jactress. this ranking is in my view coz if I list the official world rank, you can easily google them rite. so no point I think. but even I do this for fun, I still refer to the official chart~ or should I say, Bibliography? hee hee~

Movies of 2009

1. Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

2. Avatar

3. Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

4. UP

5. Alvin and The Chipmunks: the Squeakquel

6. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

7. G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

8. Twilight : New Moon

9. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

10. Star Trek

even some of the movies I still not watch yet. But I believe they are great.. Example Underworld and Twilight. I already watch the previous sequel of those movies and they are good. According to official chart, Transformers dominated chart strongly followed by Harry Potter. As expected from all people rite.

Music/Singers of 2009

1. Black Eyed peas

2. Lady Gaga

3. Beyonce

4. Taylor Swift

5. Green Day

my fav band is no.1!! This year is BEP’s.. I like watching their live performances. actually, I hate Lady Gaga. not my fav at all.. but yeah, she famous this year. even PCD lose to her.

Songs of 2009

1. Boom Boom Pow! – BEP

2. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

3. Poker Face – Lady Gaga

4. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – Beyonce

5. The Climb – Miley Cyrus

Just Imagine, how long Boom Boom Pow on the top of weekly chart in 2009? I love that song! especially when they perform live. Now I’m into Meet Me Halfway (!!) Lady Gaga dominated this whole year like with all her song I see.. even she always doing stupid things but she win to sell her product~ that’s how people in US work maybe. Single Ladies, I love how Chippette sing it ><! *gediks*

Jdrama of 2009

1. Buzzer Beat

2. Mei-chan no shitsuji

3. Mr. Brain

4. Tokyo Dogs

5. The Quiz Show

honestly, I’m not done watching all hitz 2009 drama yet.. such as JIN, BOSS, VOICE, Liar Game 2, Mr. Brain, Tokyo Dogs but some of them I feel just want to watch if I got a change.. but I love Buzzer Beat the most for this time ^^ in the 2nd half year chart of best drama, BB at no. 4.. not bad for naoki ><! hee hee~ I really want to have long free time maraton all those drama!

Johnny’s Group of 2009

1. Arashi


3. Kinki Kids

4. NewS

5. Kanjani 8

what else should I say, this year is fully own by Arashi.. no sweat though, coz 2009 is their 10th anniversary.. every charts Arashi dominated strong and easy~ Best Album, Best Single, Best Artist, Best Song, ish all best of the best la~ followed by KATTUN, they held 2 concert this year, and the biggest hitz when they break record doing concert at Legendary Tokyo Dome for 8 days straight. jealous! Kinki Kids also listed in Guinness Book of Record. NewS, even this year not really theirs, but they also got people attention by hosting 24hr Teribi, release Single, release DVD concert and finally got a change to have their own Variety Tv show.. omedatou minna-san~

J-actor of 2009

1. Mizushima Hiro – Mei-chan no Shitsuji, MR BRAIN, Tokyo Dogs

2. Yamashita Tomohisa – Buzzer Beat

3. Matsuda Shouta – Love Shuffle, Meitantei Okite, Liar Game 2

4. Oguri Shun – Smile, Tokyo Dogs

5. Ikuta Toma – Voice, Majo Saiban

lovely husband, Hiro nailed director with his credibility of acting.. he so good! love watching him bring out the character.. but next year he has taken a long leave in order to be by his wife because his wife’s illness becoming worst.. yasashi ne~ even Matsuda Shouta acted in 3 drama, and he also good, but I see Yamashita more shinning with Naoki character ^^ *OMG, fall in love* haa haa~

J-actress of 2009

1. Kitagawa Keiko – Buzzer Beat

2. Horikita Maki – Atashinchi no Danshi

3. Eikura Nana – Mei-chan no Shitsuji

4. Toda Erika – BOSS, Liar Game 2

5. Yoshitaka Yuriko – Love Shuffle, Shiroi Haru, Tokyo Dogs

wow! riko no. 1? hoo hoo~ I like her ^^ if she married to yamapi, I agree 60%~ ahaks! her face so sweet and her character in BB also so sweet ><‘ Maki-chan will make to the top every year, she really good. Yoshitaka Yuriko, I just know her when watching Love Shuffle, but about her dating Tamaki Hiroshi, I just found out in a few second! maybe she become famous becoz of that? hee hee~

so fun doing this >><! even some of them meaningless, but this what I like.. I will create one last entry for closing 2009 before we enter 2010 with a new azam entry… so till then, bye ^^